The revolution will NOT be televised it will be streamed

Internet users rage against China's 'Great Firewall'
Chinese citizens are starting to become more and more aware of their Governments intrusion into their lives.

When you think of a revolution the first thing that probably comes to mind is rioting and a violent regime change (Iraq) but in China it may come through the desire to be able to look up things on Wikipedia.
Check out this Wiki article on Internet Censorship in China (that I am sure is censored:)

As more and more Chinese are starting to enter the digital world the world outside the red walls of there country becomes clear and the desire for privacy and material needs may just spark a revolution in China. Funny when you think that a revolution may be started so they too can have a Starbucks within walking distance but to me as long as it is a peaceful transition it is a good thing.


Lesley said...

All my blogs are banned in China. I guess that would make some sense, as much sense as any of it makes, with TDF or Lesley Land, but why my pets blog is banned I haven't a clue.

Ross said...

Banned by association....your poor pets!