All of this happened, more or less.

Hello! Well now where to start? Well I guess I should tell you a bit about myself, my name is Ross Howard and I live and go to college/work in South Florida. I am in my early 20's and like many of you who were or are my age I am starting to feel my way around this whole real world thing.

So why a blog? I suppose like any other person it is to share my thoughts and those thoughts for this blog will be mainly about my interests in esoterica.
I became fascinated with all sorts of off-kilter and strange things at a very young age when I stumbled upon a book about Atlantis at my local library. I remember it very well it was one of those little 150 page books with large type and lots of pictures but to me it was like stumbling upon the Rosetta stone of my youth. I was stupefied. A continent that was lost? A civilization that was SUPERIOR in all ways to ours that existed 10,000 or more years ago? And the only thing that remains of its existence is the writings of a Greek scholar named Plato? I imagine most of you know the story and 'myth' of Atlantis but to me it was really a seminal moment in my life. I felt like Indiana Jones, like I had stumbled upon something that only a small amount of people even knew about. A sort of secret knowledge. Well, then I found out that it was most likely a fictional morality tale but that is besides the point, isn't it?

Since then it sort of snow balled to where I started reading every book on 'Esoteric' subjects I could get my hands on. Cryptozoology, Ufology, psyology (I felt like I had to keep with the ology thing) nothing was off limits to me but I do remember my mother being quite upset when she saw I had a book on Occultism (ology).....yeah that didn't go over very well living in a Catholic house hold but my parents didn't discourage my interests and were always willing and eager to answer my juvenile questions, "Dad, have you ever seen a Sasquatch?" or "Hey Ma, do you think the Bermuda triangle is a gateway to hell?".

Alright, wave good bye to memory lane and my personal life because I don't intend on blogging about that very often. What I will write about are my thoughts and interests on esoteric subjects and that weird and wacky world that surrounds it.

I do want to differentiate myself in that I intend to be writing my own theories and hypothesis on many classic subjects that I am currently researching and reading about. I can tell you to look out in the near future for a planned ongoing series about the JFK assassination and the MANY theories behind it.

The first 'feature' I plan on doing though is looking at the hobby of ghost hunting. What equipment is most commonly (and uncommonly) used, where you can find a group or how to start a ghost hunting group, where to go (with out getting thrown in jail for trespassing), and the over all subculture involved in Ghost Hunting.

Wow! So, I think that is enough for now, don't you? If any of you want to reach me you can post a comment here or email me at rosshoward0707@yahoo.com

Thanks for reading!


P.S. be sure to check out www.binnallofamerica.com
it is a really wonderful website with tons of talented and wonderful writers all discussing the Esoteric and a top notch audio series with A-list guests by the websites creator (who is a UBER cool guy) Tim Binnall.


Lesley said...

Is that you Saucy Rossy?

Ross said...

It sure is! Thanks for reading, I posted at the USOFE about this.

Hector said...

im looking forward to this blog........Edgeify

Primus said...

Hey Ross...We'll have this whole site taken over by Binnallamaniacs before too long. Now if only I could get my butt in gear and write on my spot...
Until Art Bell starts doing the Wolfpac handsign, I remain..

Ross said...

Hey Edge and Primus thanks for checking out the blog. Primus I have a feeling that John B. Wells would start the Wolf Pac, he reminds me of Kevin Nash...haha.

R. Lee said...

Hello Ross, thanks for the link and the BoA plug. Nice blog; keep at it!

Regan Lee, OrangeOrb and Trickster's Realm on BoA

Ross said...

Hey R.lee thank you for stopping by!