Gone for a week and all hell breaks loose....

Wow. I mean I never thought being away from this 'world' of the weird and strange for a week would mean that I would come back to such drastic changes. My older sister got married on 7/7/7 and when some one in my family gets married it is usually atleast a week long event. So that entire time I was busy having fun (what a drag right?) and doing whatever the best man duties are and I come back to find the Coast to Coast Am world in shambles.

For those who don't know Coast to Coast Am (started and originally hosted by Art Bell) is the granddaddy of all esoteric radio shows. It really is one of the main reasons I am writing this blog and has been extremely influential to not only other people but to the entire field itself.

Art Bell retires again, Craig Kitchen retires, George Noory will be on every first Sunday of the month, Coast to Coast live is over with and Ian Punnett takes over Saturday night proper, and the ever faithful and wonderful Streamlink Coast Riders message board is being shut down.

I was a streamlink subscriber for about two years up until about a month ago. Like others I was becoming dissastified with the quality of the shows and over all direction so I decided not to renew my subscription but before I left it was becoming apparent that there was a LARGE group of regular posters who were becoming fed up with George Noory and his hosting abilities.

That group had become more and more vocal and in my opinion the board was shut down because of that. Imagine subscribing to Streamlink and checking out the message board for the first time and seeing nothing but negative posts about the main host of the show? It is just not good business. Does that make it right? No, it sure doesn't but Premiere radio owns that website and can do whatever they see fit with it.

Now all of that is nothing but speculation but I really can't find any other logical reasons behind the shut down. Unless like some have speculated it is going to be brought back in a bigger and better way. So if you are one of the Coastriders who are unhappy with this decision my advice to you is to write a letter to Premiere radio and let them know how you feel then cancel your subscription. Either way the more people who are vocal about it the better chance there will be a resurrection of the message board. But really is the effort even worth it? Is C2C am really worth the ammount of attention it was receiving by the hardcore fans of the paranormal? Those are questions I will look at in another post soon....

That is all for now but like I said I will have some more thoughts about the C2C situations later....for now though I highly suggest checking out the Binnall Report for a indepth look at the whole situation and a wonderful piece by Khyron on what the message board meant to him.


A war of ones and zeros and a BOA round up

The Pentagon was recently hit with a major cyber attack:
The article states "the Pentagon sees hundreds of attacks a day" but it tries to minimize the obvious importance of this attack by saying there are "hundreds of attacks daily" but to cause a major shut down of close to 1,500 computer stations at the Pentagon and actually be reported in the news it must of been a major attack. Even if the Pentagon does house close to 25,000 employees a shut down of that magnitude would effect multiple areas in the pentagon.

The article never says exactly who are behind these hacking attacks and I really doubt it is some 1337 haxxor in his parents basement.

Some great updates over at Binnall of America
Thats all for now


ART - Alien Response Team

A thread over at the great forum website Abovetopsecret.com has piqued my interest....
What to do if that website is presented with undeniable proof of Alien contact on Earth.
Here is a response I posted on thread (with some edits).....
1. Stay away from the Government. Sorry but you can't trust them to disclose this information especially if they already know about this.

2. Form a independent team of professionals to investigate the claim. This site has connections to many credible people who in my opinion would be able to investigate, scientifically, background checks on the person who presents the evidence, etc.
Here are a few people that come to mind:

(A) George Knapp= Investigative journalist, unbiased and skeptical. In a perfect world he would have to cut off ties to the television station he works at for ethical reasons.

(B) Stanton T. Friedman= All of you know who he is and why he would be a good candidate to be part of a investigation.

(C) Other= I am sure there are many people who post here who have credentials to take part in such an investigation.

3. If the claim is true and there is undeniable evidence of contact and t here is the possibility to start a dialog with the Aliens here are some options of what to do next:

(A) Small businesses and Entrepreneur= in other words offer a open contract to any one who can set up communication with the Aliens. The catch being that a independent council would take part in all aspects of the operation and maintain full disclosure to the public. If there is money to be made and if done in such a public way then there isn't much the government could do to try and keep it secret. Some one good for this operation would be Bob Bigelow and make sure every aspect of the operation is documented through a independent group of documentary film makers. Paul Kimball would be the perfect person to lead this group, talented, skeptical, and unbiased.

(B) A organization paid for and run by the people= Again another organization whose goal is to set up communication and maintain full disclosure but this organization is run by the people who pay for it (who knows maybe through pay pal of all things?) and again a documentary film group led by Paul Kimball .

The revolution will NOT be televised it will be streamed

Internet users rage against China's 'Great Firewall'
Chinese citizens are starting to become more and more aware of their Governments intrusion into their lives.

When you think of a revolution the first thing that probably comes to mind is rioting and a violent regime change (Iraq) but in China it may come through the desire to be able to look up things on Wikipedia.
Check out this Wiki article on Internet Censorship in China (that I am sure is censored:)

As more and more Chinese are starting to enter the digital world the world outside the red walls of there country becomes clear and the desire for privacy and material needs may just spark a revolution in China. Funny when you think that a revolution may be started so they too can have a Starbucks within walking distance but to me as long as it is a peaceful transition it is a good thing.

Coming to America...with bombs on their backs

"Large teams of newly trained suicide bombers are being sent to the United States and Europe, according to evidence contained on a new videotape obtained by the Blotter on ABCNews.com."

I am not sure what to think after reading this. Am I afraid? Sure. Should I live my life in fear? Never.

Do I even believe this story is true? I don't know. Think about the atmosphere and things that took place after 9/11 that have been forgotten. For the first eight months or so you could not turn on the television with out hearing about an alleged plot, from planes filled biological weapons that would spray over suburban areas, to nuclear bombs being smuggled into America, plots to bomb nuclear reactors, etc.

That doesn't even include the whole Anthrax incident that ACTUALLY happened. I remember that vividly because I live in South Florida (where many of the 9/11 hijackers actually lived and trained) and a building near where I live was sent a letter with Anthrax in it. I know people who WORKED in that building, yet you know what? That case has never been solved not only that but it isn't even discussed any more in the media.

Let's look at one more thing about this story. These suicide bombers are Al Queda/TALIBAN trained. Remember the invasion of Afghanistan and the stories of the Taliban no more? Well not only were they never defeated but they are now back to having huge terrorist training camps. So many things about this story disturb me but I think the thing that disturbs me the most is that Osama Bin Laden (remember him?) has not been killed or captured.



All of this happened, more or less.

Hello! Well now where to start? Well I guess I should tell you a bit about myself, my name is Ross Howard and I live and go to college/work in South Florida. I am in my early 20's and like many of you who were or are my age I am starting to feel my way around this whole real world thing.

So why a blog? I suppose like any other person it is to share my thoughts and those thoughts for this blog will be mainly about my interests in esoterica.
I became fascinated with all sorts of off-kilter and strange things at a very young age when I stumbled upon a book about Atlantis at my local library. I remember it very well it was one of those little 150 page books with large type and lots of pictures but to me it was like stumbling upon the Rosetta stone of my youth. I was stupefied. A continent that was lost? A civilization that was SUPERIOR in all ways to ours that existed 10,000 or more years ago? And the only thing that remains of its existence is the writings of a Greek scholar named Plato? I imagine most of you know the story and 'myth' of Atlantis but to me it was really a seminal moment in my life. I felt like Indiana Jones, like I had stumbled upon something that only a small amount of people even knew about. A sort of secret knowledge. Well, then I found out that it was most likely a fictional morality tale but that is besides the point, isn't it?

Since then it sort of snow balled to where I started reading every book on 'Esoteric' subjects I could get my hands on. Cryptozoology, Ufology, psyology (I felt like I had to keep with the ology thing) nothing was off limits to me but I do remember my mother being quite upset when she saw I had a book on Occultism (ology).....yeah that didn't go over very well living in a Catholic house hold but my parents didn't discourage my interests and were always willing and eager to answer my juvenile questions, "Dad, have you ever seen a Sasquatch?" or "Hey Ma, do you think the Bermuda triangle is a gateway to hell?".

Alright, wave good bye to memory lane and my personal life because I don't intend on blogging about that very often. What I will write about are my thoughts and interests on esoteric subjects and that weird and wacky world that surrounds it.

I do want to differentiate myself in that I intend to be writing my own theories and hypothesis on many classic subjects that I am currently researching and reading about. I can tell you to look out in the near future for a planned ongoing series about the JFK assassination and the MANY theories behind it.

The first 'feature' I plan on doing though is looking at the hobby of ghost hunting. What equipment is most commonly (and uncommonly) used, where you can find a group or how to start a ghost hunting group, where to go (with out getting thrown in jail for trespassing), and the over all subculture involved in Ghost Hunting.

Wow! So, I think that is enough for now, don't you? If any of you want to reach me you can post a comment here or email me at rosshoward0707@yahoo.com

Thanks for reading!


P.S. be sure to check out www.binnallofamerica.com
it is a really wonderful website with tons of talented and wonderful writers all discussing the Esoteric and a top notch audio series with A-list guests by the websites creator (who is a UBER cool guy) Tim Binnall.