ART - Alien Response Team

A thread over at the great forum website Abovetopsecret.com has piqued my interest....
What to do if that website is presented with undeniable proof of Alien contact on Earth.
Here is a response I posted on thread (with some edits).....
1. Stay away from the Government. Sorry but you can't trust them to disclose this information especially if they already know about this.

2. Form a independent team of professionals to investigate the claim. This site has connections to many credible people who in my opinion would be able to investigate, scientifically, background checks on the person who presents the evidence, etc.
Here are a few people that come to mind:

(A) George Knapp= Investigative journalist, unbiased and skeptical. In a perfect world he would have to cut off ties to the television station he works at for ethical reasons.

(B) Stanton T. Friedman= All of you know who he is and why he would be a good candidate to be part of a investigation.

(C) Other= I am sure there are many people who post here who have credentials to take part in such an investigation.

3. If the claim is true and there is undeniable evidence of contact and t here is the possibility to start a dialog with the Aliens here are some options of what to do next:

(A) Small businesses and Entrepreneur= in other words offer a open contract to any one who can set up communication with the Aliens. The catch being that a independent council would take part in all aspects of the operation and maintain full disclosure to the public. If there is money to be made and if done in such a public way then there isn't much the government could do to try and keep it secret. Some one good for this operation would be Bob Bigelow and make sure every aspect of the operation is documented through a independent group of documentary film makers. Paul Kimball would be the perfect person to lead this group, talented, skeptical, and unbiased.

(B) A organization paid for and run by the people= Again another organization whose goal is to set up communication and maintain full disclosure but this organization is run by the people who pay for it (who knows maybe through pay pal of all things?) and again a documentary film group led by Paul Kimball .


Lesley said...

I am not sure what would be undeniable proof. Short of the proverbial aliens landing on the white house lawn, I don't think anything would ever be considered undeniable. There are probably people who wouldn't believe even if they did land on the white house lawn.

Really, that is a question I have had for years, what is undeniable proof? It isn't photos or video, it isn't documents, it isn't eyewitnesses, so short of open contact with the government and interviews on CNN with the aliens, what would people believe?

Ross said...

Good points Lesley. I agree while there will always be irrational people who deny it as long as it is enough evidence for the rational person to believe its real, you can't please everyone....haha.

Paul Kimball said...

Undeniable proof = beyond a reasonable doubt. In short, an alien, living or dead, or a bona fide spacecraft. Anything short of that, and it must remain a mystery.

And yes, if they landed on the White House lawn, I think it's a safe bet that everyone would believe it. On the other hand, judging by the number of people who actually think the US government blew up the WTC, perhaps I'm overestimating the intelligence of the average person.

Here's the thing about ART, Ross, and I've said this in radio interviews before - as soon as aliens revealed themselves (assuming they exist), every single ufologist, bar none, becomes irrelevant. Oh, sure, they'll get their 15 minutes to say I told you so (at least thepro-ETH ones will), but after that, they're yesterday's news. That's the way the world works - even a world where aliens have arrived.

Talented? Thanks! :-)


P.S. I'm not sure George Knapp would meet my criteria for "independent" and "skeptical". Two words - Bob Lazar. ;-)

Lesley said...

I worry far more about those who believe everything their government says than those who think they blew up the WTC.

That is why I think we would still need some form of ufology, even if the aliens landed and everyone knew they existed. I wouldn't trust the government or the aliens to tell us the truth of what was going on. Both would tell only the truth that would benefit them, which isn't necessarily the truth. Everyone tells the truth if it serves their purpose, but they leave out quite a lot that doesn't.