Gone for a week and all hell breaks loose....

Wow. I mean I never thought being away from this 'world' of the weird and strange for a week would mean that I would come back to such drastic changes. My older sister got married on 7/7/7 and when some one in my family gets married it is usually atleast a week long event. So that entire time I was busy having fun (what a drag right?) and doing whatever the best man duties are and I come back to find the Coast to Coast Am world in shambles.

For those who don't know Coast to Coast Am (started and originally hosted by Art Bell) is the granddaddy of all esoteric radio shows. It really is one of the main reasons I am writing this blog and has been extremely influential to not only other people but to the entire field itself.

Art Bell retires again, Craig Kitchen retires, George Noory will be on every first Sunday of the month, Coast to Coast live is over with and Ian Punnett takes over Saturday night proper, and the ever faithful and wonderful Streamlink Coast Riders message board is being shut down.

I was a streamlink subscriber for about two years up until about a month ago. Like others I was becoming dissastified with the quality of the shows and over all direction so I decided not to renew my subscription but before I left it was becoming apparent that there was a LARGE group of regular posters who were becoming fed up with George Noory and his hosting abilities.

That group had become more and more vocal and in my opinion the board was shut down because of that. Imagine subscribing to Streamlink and checking out the message board for the first time and seeing nothing but negative posts about the main host of the show? It is just not good business. Does that make it right? No, it sure doesn't but Premiere radio owns that website and can do whatever they see fit with it.

Now all of that is nothing but speculation but I really can't find any other logical reasons behind the shut down. Unless like some have speculated it is going to be brought back in a bigger and better way. So if you are one of the Coastriders who are unhappy with this decision my advice to you is to write a letter to Premiere radio and let them know how you feel then cancel your subscription. Either way the more people who are vocal about it the better chance there will be a resurrection of the message board. But really is the effort even worth it? Is C2C am really worth the ammount of attention it was receiving by the hardcore fans of the paranormal? Those are questions I will look at in another post soon....

That is all for now but like I said I will have some more thoughts about the C2C situations later....for now though I highly suggest checking out the Binnall Report for a indepth look at the whole situation and a wonderful piece by Khyron on what the message board meant to him.